Looking for a fun and fascinating job on a resort island?

Perry's Cave, The Butterfly House at Put-in-Bay, Island Bike & Cart Rental and Island Transportation are all accepting applications for the 2013 season.

If you would like to spend the summer at Put-in-Bay making FRIENDS, earning MONEY and having FUN, just fill out and submit the Online Application.

Perry's Cave Guides must be at least 15 years old. Cave guides take turns conducting 20-minute tours of the cave throughout the day. The best guides are outgoing, personable and have a good deal of common sense. When a Guide is with a tour group he or she must be "in charge", making sure everyone in the group enjoys their visit to Perry's Cave. The two most important points the Guide must keep in mind at all times are the SAFETY of the group and the CONSERVATION of the cave itself!

Employees at Perry's Cave are expected to help out as needed in the cave's gift shop, The Shop on Top. Duties in the gift shop may include being a cashier, selling tour tickets, straightening and dusting merchandise in the store, restocking shelves, etc.

Another position at Perry's Cave Family Fun Center includes operating/supervising the Gemstone Mining Sluice. Employees will need to be able to make change when they sell Gemstone Mining bags and assist customers who need help using the sluice. Employees working at the sluice must be at least 13 years old.

We are also looking for employees to work at the The War of 18-Holes Miniature Golf Course. The course has an historic theme of the War of 1812 (Put-in-Bay had a crucial role in this war against the British!). Duties at the golf course will include using the cash register to sell admissions, distributing clubs, balls, and scorecards, keeping the course clean and tidy and keeping an eye out for misbehavior of the customers on the course.

The Butterfly House at Put-in-Bay is a 4000-square foot exhibit of exotic butterflies from all over the world. Attached to the butterfly greenhouse is a 5000-square foot gift shop. Positions available at The Butterfly House are retail positions involving major customer interaction, cash register work, stocking and light cleaning of the shop. Employees are also expected to spend some time in the greenhouse helping guests, taking care of the butterflies and maintaining a clean facility.

Perry's Cave Family Fun Center will offer competitive wages and bonuses! Housing is available for employees 18 and older for $60 per week.

If you would like to spend the summer at Put-in-Bay making FRIENDS, earning MONEY and having FUN, just fill out and submit the Online Application.

Put-in-Bay Transportation, Inc. has job openings in the following areas:

  • Island Bike & Cart Rental, Inc.
  • Lime Kiln Bus Drivers
  • Tour Train Drivers

We offer competitive pay rates and bonuses!


Employee housing is available at a cost of $60 per week. If you cannot live on the island, Put-in-Bay Transportation will provide you with a Commuter Pass for either of the two ferries that service the island.

Island Bike and Cart Rental

Island Bike and Cart Rental, as the name implies, rents bicycles and golf carts. We currently have more than 100 bicycles and 200 golf carts.

Your duties as an employee of Island Bike & Cart Rental would include: filling out rental agreements, familiarizing customers with the rental equipment, company rules and policies, accepting payment for rentals and helping maintain the cleanliness of the carts, bikes and Island Bike & Cart Rental property.

Housing on the island is available to employees at the cost of $60 per week.

Island Bike & Cart Rental employees will start at $8 per hour. End-of-season bonuses are available!


Bus Driver / Lime Kiln Bus

Island Transportation offers bus service into downtown Put-in-Bay for visitors coming to the island via the Miller Boat Line. This two-mile trip is repeated every half hour throughout the day according to the boat schedule. Our drivers deal with hundreds of passengers on a daily basis.

All applicants must either have a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) already OR be willing to train for one at our expense. Applicants must also have a clean driving record to be considered for employment.

Drivers hired for 2013 will be paid $10.00 an hour. Full-time drivers will usually work 40 to 50 hours per week. Part-time employment will also be considered. End-of-season bonus available!


Tour Train

The Put-in-Bay Tour Train conducts 1-hour narrated tours of the island. A Tour Train, which carries around 50 passengers, leaves approximately every 30 minutes from the Downtown Depot during peak season. In between giving tours, drivers work in the depot ticket booth selling tickets for the Tour Train. Drivers must have a Commercial Driver's License, a clean driving record and the ability to work with hundreds of passengers on a daily basis.

The starting wage for Tour Train drivers is $9.00 per hour. End-of-season bonuses are available!