Pan for real gemstones and/or fossils

Perry's Cave Gemstone Mining - Put-In-Bay, OHPurchase a bag of rough mix at The Shop at the Top, and then let the water wash over the sand, and experience the fun of panning for REAL GEMSTONES & FOSSILS. Fun for ALL ages - young and old. Located just outside Perry’s Cave. You can spend anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour sifting. Many children will choose this activity over an ice cream cone! Quite a recommendation!

Geode Cutting

Purchase an uncut geode at The Shop at the Top, and then take it outside to our Geode Cutting Station. Our trained staff will cut the geode in two with our special diamond-bladed saw, revealing to you for the first time the inner beauty of this rough-exteriored gemstone. Every stone is a unique experience to see.